The Creative Minds


Michael Cocce

Owner, Marketing Director

Michael Cocce is the founder of MJC Agency, a leading web design and marketing agency based in Plymouth, MA. 


Michaels background includes years as a Marketing Director and Brand Strategist across multiple industries.  Michael and the MJC Agency team are highly experienced in Digital, Print, and Social Media Marketing, National Branding, Website Design/Management, SEO, SEM, Creative Advertising, Sales and Sales management.


Umar Usman

Website Designer

Umar is a Wix Expert who has been craving web Art since 2018.  He has a passion for website creation and designing since his school years.


His goal is to give valuable time back to MJC Agency's clients.  He achieves this by designing websites that work on a user-friendly platform which puts the control back in the clients' hands.


Umar focuses on taking the time to truly get to know each one of our clients and their unique businesses.