The Creative Minds


Michael Cocce

Owner, Lead Website Designer

Michael Cocce is the founder and lead website designer at MJC Agency.  


Michael's background includes years as a Marketing Director and Brand Strategist across multiple industries.  Michael and the MJC Agency team are highly experienced in Digital, Print, and Social Media Marketing, National Branding, Website Design/Management, Creative Advertising, Sales and Sales management.


Liam Henley

Jr. Website Design Specialist

Liam Henley is a Website Designer at MJC Agency, while also actively pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science.


Liam began his internship with MJC Agency in the summer of 2022 and quickly became an important member of the team, designing websites and logos for MJC clients every day.  Liam specializes in website design, coding, UX Design and front-end development.


Ray Schone

Jr. Website Design Specialist

Ray Schone is a proud veteran who has recently transferred to the digital world. He specializes in website design with HTML AND CSS coding.


Ray currently holds a Computer Science Certificate and is working on his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science