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Showcase your business correctly.

As in life, it’s all about the first impressions. It better be inviting.

The design is critical because it is the face of your website. Chances are that your visitors will see and remember your business because of or in association to your website’s design.

The same applies to your brand . Many times, your website’s home page will convey the first impressions of your brand. You need to make sure you get it right.

One moment you are in, in the next you are out.

Building a successful website is no simple task. A website that was designed correctly, that looks impressive, is well organized, easy to use, and has good quality content, creates a good and inviting impression. Your visitors will want to stay more time wandering through the pages of your site, buying from it, contacting you and understanding the value of your business.

Even if you already have an excellent website, every few years you should also review and refresh its design and content because, as trends change every few years, so change the visitor’s perception.

Keeping your website up-to-date help your visitors perceive your business as relevant, and they will want to stay on your site more and more, understanding and learning about your business, and finally becoming a paying and satisfied customer.

Don’t forget the small screen

A professional will know what to do, but keep in mind that more and more, people are using their smartphones to browse the internet and to shop online, and so your website must be mobile-friendly. Also, since 2015 Google’s algorithm has been updating more and more to favor websites that show well on mobile devices.

A little espionage, perhaps?

You don’t need a shady person to infiltrate on other people’s businesses and report back to you, but it is always good to know what your competitors are doing. Just check out their home pages. Note how they are designed. What are their priority? Are they solving your customers’ problems better than you? Did you get any inspiration to do better? How can you set your offers apart?

Tell them what to do!

Not just a little nudge, but a real call to action. Give your customers plenty of opportunities to buy from you, to contact you, or whatever you want them to do. Don’t bother your customer to the point they leave and don’t come back, but have always a visible clickable link or button. If they need to search for it, they can get sidetracked and leave. Don’t give them that chance.


Here is something else that should always be visible. The top left corner is the best place to have a fixed logo brand. But it can be everywhere. Because people forget, and it’s your job to remind them.

Social Media

You use your resources to keep your social media channels pumping, don’t you? Then show them of. A good place for your social media buttons and links is the footer, along with the legal stuff and contact information.


First impressions invite your customers to explore your website, but only good lasting impressions make them come back again and again.

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