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MJC Agency to Attend First-Ever Wix DevCon in NYC as Top 25 Member of the Wix Partners Program

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

In a world where technology and virtual meetings are taking over, MJC Agency has created a company focused on one-on-one interaction with clients. By offering services specialized to their client needs instead of a mass rinse and repeat method, MJC has grown substantially in its first three years in business.

MJC Agency, founded by Michael Cocce, is a digital marketing and design agency based out of Plymouth, MA. MJC Agency has continued to prove its status as a top firm since its creation in 2019, reaching recognition with top media outlets such as NBC, CBS, and USA Today. Curating on average over 25-30 websites monthly, MJC Agency has garnered many loyal customers in various businesses, from entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and start-ups to larger corporations.

The company is entering an exciting growth period, including attending the first ever Wix DevCon Event in September 2022 in Manhattan, NYC. Already confirmed as attendees, MJC Agency is taking the opportunity to continue evolving and thriving in the website creation world, traveling with business partners from nearby CS Pro Media, and MJC Agency website clients from crypto security firm, Bitcoinshield. This event caters to partners and attendees in the web development sector, focusing on those who create sites through Wix.

Also attending the Wix DevCon event will be top Wix executives, such as the CEO, the VP of Product, and the Head of Velo (Wix's full-stack development program). Already garnering extensive attention, this event will offer exciting news and information concerning new product launches. Attendees will benefit from networking opportunities, competition prizes, educational workshops, and learning from keynote speakers in top positions at Wix.

After shifting from a new Wix Partner in 2021 to a Top 100 member of the Wix Partners Program in May 2022, and now a Top 25 member of the Wix Partners Program in June 2022, it's clear MJC Agency is intent on maintaining its position as one of the leaders in the Wix website design category.

Wix decides who gains this these titles via team members and employees who hand-pick a selection of businesses and freelancers. This decision coincides with the quality and quantity of websites each Wix partner creates on the platform, making this title even more impressive due to the competitive environment and selection process.

The Wix Partner Program is a professional resource for website creation agencies and freelancers, allowing participants exclusive benefits that aid in creating top-tier sites for clients. As a partner, the Wix team provides a dedicated success team, a perk that whittles down to a better experience for customers awaiting their website creation.

All Top Wix Partners received an exclusive early invite to the Wix DevCon event, another benefit of offering top-tier services. Attending the first Wix DevCon is creating a buzz within MJC Agency, who is excited to participate in such a monumental affair.

In combination with MJC Agency's impressive achievements this year, other exciting news continues to arise for the company. New service launches and a growing number of team members are a testament to the quick success at MJC Agency. Watch for more exciting news as MJC Agency continues making waves in the marketing world!

Contact us about your website design needs via the below methods:

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