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A picture paints a thousand words

This old saying is the best way to explain the importance of imagery in web design.

Images on a website are important not just in creating a positive first impression, but also in creating a good, lasting one. They can grab your visitors’ attention, trigger their emotions, create trust, and even compel them to take the action.

Researches show that we remember pictures more readily than we remember words. Besides, long texts can be unattractive and boring. You got to be careful, though, because too many of videos and images can make your website end up looking cluttered and overwhelming.

Humanity is the best bet

Imagery showing human faces and scenes of people is a good bet. They can double conversion rates sometimes, especially when portraying people your visitors can relate to. Which means showcasing humanity and its diversity in different ways.

That is another trend that should last. And if you are wondering why the sudden need for diversity, or inclusion in design, remember that the year 2020 was a year of racial reckoning. With the distinct movements within that year, different brands realized the importance of representing diversity in their strategies. This is the main reason ‌you see so many companies today showing what their workforce is made of.

It’s a simple way of representing inclusion in their marketing campaigns.

But not all organizations have access to original, good quality images that reflect their brand and values, so they use the recourse of stock photos. Again, you got to be careful, because stock photographs are attractive, but they can significantly reduce user’s trust in your website.

Design simple and clean

The best way to show images is with a minimalistic approach. In opposition to an in-your-face aesthetic, minimalism is all about minimizing clutter to draw attention to what the visitor needs to know, to what’s most important.

Minimalism is also a key trend that is perceived to last for a while. With the emphasis on the negative space and on the typography, you can center your brand and your message without distracting your visitor.

Another way to achieve a minimalist aesthetic is by using a darker background with a lighter text. It’s easy on the eye, especially at night. And you can see this trend everywhere, hence the “dark mode” option so popular among apps, but it also works very well on websites.

Studies also show that people rarely look at anything on a website that looks like an advertisement. We are now so used to seeing rotating banners, flickering illustrations, and so on, that they no longer grab our attention.

Can you recall the last time you purchased something that was advertised to you in such a manner? Who could have predicted how things would have shifted in the last few years?

Don’t sweat! A professional agency, used to work with diverse clientele that monitor trends, can help you reach that balance your business need.

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