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6 Common Types of Websites

Everybody is on the internet, and almost everybody has a website. They are popular. There is a website for every purpose. Maybe you have one too, or you’re thinking about having one. Why not?

Today we bring you a list of the most popular types of websites, so you can choose what is more suitable for you, or maybe you want to create something new.

1- eCommerce website

It’s the kind of website you can shop and purchase merchandise. Amazon is an example of eCommerce, but they come in every size and color. If the website has a shopping cart, then it’s eCommerce. If you have or want an online store, then this is for you.

2- Business website

Every business ought to have a website. The first thing people do when they want to learn about a business is to check out its website, and if it doesn't have one, it looks less professional or legitimate.

Unlike eCommerce websites that generate direct revenue, business websites focus on informing potential customers about their products or services, contributing to their long-term growth. It suits small businesses to big corporations, consulting companies, service providers, restaurants, law offices, etc.

3- Blog website

Blogs are where people share written and visual content about whatever they desire, such as life updates, individual opinions, or the news online. Sometimes a company may have one to offer valuable content to their customers.

4- Portfolio website

Portfolio websites consolidate and display samples of work for certain creative professionals. They showcase their skills and expertise and attract more clientele.

Creative professionals, like graphic designers, artists, writers, and photographers, use portfolio websites to dazzle customers, clients, or prospects. A portfolio website also can be utilized like a CV on the hunt for employment.

5- Event website

An event website allows for planning and consolidating information for event attendees. It can act as the event’s central command station to anchor the event marketing efforts, aid the virtual event location, and even follow up.

6- Personal website

Personal websites are for individuals who want an online presence to voice their opinion and promote their individuality and interests, such as fan websites or hobby websites. They can be simple, with images and a lot of text, and shared with friends, family, and colleagues. They also can be used to help with job prospects, utilized as a CV website and what the individual accomplished professionally, or establish their brand.

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