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MJC Agency’s Master Course:

How to Build a Beautiful Wix Website

Learn to build websites just like MJC Agency for you or your business with our comprehensive Wix Website Design Master Course.

Introductory Special! Try the course at a discount for a limited time only!


Only $59

Build a website that works.

MJC Agency’s Master Course: How to Build a Beautiful Wix Website is an online course designed for business owners, freelancers, and hobbyists alike to build, develop, market, and monetize a Wix website with ease.

Learn From the World's Best


Course Curiculum written by MJC Agency owner and lead website designer, Michael Cocce.

Course video host, Kory Pearman makes the course fun, exciting and humorous, while teaching the MJC process.

**Additional creative writing assistance by TheCopyCreative on Fiverr was also incorporated into the course.

Get professional results with the help of the pros.

Written by MJC Agency’s Michael Cocce, ranked one of the world’s Top 25 members of the Wix Partners program and leading Website Designer worldwide, and hosted by Kory Pearman, How to Build a Beautiful Wix Website is filled with everything you need to build an agency-level website, minus the headache.

What to Expect:

From signing up to SEO, get the step-by-step instructions you need to get your site up, running, and successful.

In MJC Agency’s Master Course, we’ll guide you through how to get the most out of the Wix platform by working smarter, not harder.

How to Build a Beautiful Wix Website

A sneak peek at what you'll get:

  1. Introduction: Welcome to the Course

  2. Why Wix?

  3. Start Building

  4. Develop Your Website
    *Bonus: Elevate Your Site with Easy Animations

  5. Set Up Subpages

  6. Get Sales with eCommerce

  7. Blogging 101

  8. Automate Your Marketing & CRM Workflow

  9. Go Live: Launch & Learn

  10. Marketing Your Site for Success

Create a website that drives results.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the roadmap needed to build the foundation of your Wix website and expand your online presence to the next level.

Who’s the Course For?

Creating a Wix website is one thing — creating a Wix website that empowers your goals, propels your profits, and elevates your platform is another.


MJC Agency’s Master Course: How to Build a Beautiful Wix Website is designed for anyone looking to build their own website using Wix, including:

Business owners




Online store owners

Couples planning their weddings

And many more!

What Customers Say About our Websites

"MJC Agency is genuinely incredible, 10/10, would highly recommend. They listen to everything that you have to say and are so helpful every step of the way!!! Thank you guys so much for your hard-work. I’m so incredibly happy with the results."

- ANAEIS, Los Angeles, CA

Meet Michael Cocce, MJC Agency Owner & Website Designer

Michael Cocce

Owner, Lead Website Designer

Michael Cocce is the founder and lead website designer at MJC Agency.  


Michael's background includes years as a Marketing Director and Brand Strategist across multiple industries.  Michael and the MJC Agency team are highly experienced in Digital, Print, and Social Media Marketing, National Branding, Website Design/Management, Creative Advertising, Sales and Sales management. 


Since the founding of MJC Agency in 2020, the company has risen to achieve Top 25 status among the Wix Partners program, ranked by the Wix team upon the quality and quantity of websites produced by the agency. 

MJC Course.png

MJC Agency’s Master Course:


Put your course enrollment credit toward a custom MJC Agency website.

Still don’t want to DIY your site after taking the course?

No problem. Anyone who completes the course can apply 50% of their course costs toward MJC Agency’s premium services.

Transform your vision into an online reality.

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